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Industry 4.0

Metronomo management software

The implementation in the production system of the Metronomo management software, developed by the software house MecMatica, has allowed LAM to reach the status of Industry 4.0.

Metronomo allows us, in fact, to manage all the operational processes through a single software, from the quotation to the final cycle-balance, passing from the planning of the activities up to the coordination of the logistics and the warehouse.

With Metronomo LAM meets the requirements to be recognized Industry 4.0: the monitoring of production systems, the sharing and planning of the progress of the work through the production scheduler and the maintenance interventions planning system, allow the optimization of the resources and an up-to-date view of the production departments and compliance with the delivery times of the orders.

All this allows LAM an increasingly better support towards the customer and his needs, giving the company the possibility of offering a complete and effective service.

industria 4.0